Two New Monsters!

Hello all!

I went in again, and fixed a couple things (nothing that broke the game though), but also stylized the scroll-bar, randomized the text when you get ambushed, updated the link image, made the space-bar also pause, added ten new sound effects (eight newly made), and added a new monster! You would never guess who it is.

It's you! Oh, you guessed that? I guess it is a little cliche. Basically each time you die your old, gnawed on skeleton joins the ranks of the monsters you need to kill before you can pass the level. But fear not, it isn't cumulative (that is, if you die 128 times like my seven year old brother did you won't have to battle an army of 128 skeletons; you probably won't face your bones more than two or three times per level).

I also added another monster, and I know you won't guess who it is because... it's also you! That wasn't so cliche now was it? But this isn't your bones: it's a crawling mirror you meet once you get into the house. This one you have to avoid destroying (hard on the reflexes), because destroying it is destroying yourself, of course!

For God's glory: your servant,


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May 28, 2019
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May 28, 2019

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