You are looking for rain.

It is hard to find with the darkness, and the cloud, the fishermen, the carob powder, the telephone numbers, the lava, and the chloroform.

Every time you sleep you will have a chance as you wake up to return to a major parting of ways you have been to before.

The end of the story is quite hard to find. Sorry not sorry. There is a clue or two though.
Just so you American folks have a chance at the clue, remember that a "full stop" is a period.

By the way, when a link is a different colour than normal it only means that it goes to somewhere you've been before.

This story was made as a Christmas present for my little sister some years ago (I was using the Harlowe Twine format, that's how long ago it was). It was the first game I ever finished (actually a branch or two of the story were unwritten at the time I finished it, which I recently wrote into the story, and apparently one branch was chopped off by criss crossing backup files and had to be replaced, and I added some audio at the end, if you can find it).

It turns out that this story, when you count all the branches, has almost twice the word count of my little book.

If you find these games interesting, I would certainly appreciate any little support by way of Patreon!

God be with you!

Your servant,

As you sleep you dream the dreams of a sleeping dream.

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