A game I and my brother made when he was nine.

You need to get inside the house. Try everything.

Your cane will turn around when you mouse over something clickable, or turn into footy-prints when you mouse over a place to go, or turn into a dart when you're centred on your target.

On the bottom right it shows what you have in your hand - depending on what you have in your hand, you can do different things when you click on things.

Bottom left is options, and at the top right you can click to see what items you have collected - keep in mind that there are two pages to your inventory, and items may be in the second page even if the first page isn't full.

The game saves whenever you go from one place to another - so for example if you pick up something, then close the tab, you'll have to pick it up again.

If you get stuck, you can look at the walkthrough, or you can ask me for some cryptic hints - I'll be happy to oblige. 🤠

God be with you!

Your servant,

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Made withGIMP, Twine, Audacity
TagsAtmospheric, Casual, Exploration, Family Friendly, Hand-drawn, Monsters, Point & Click, Spooky, Surreal, weird
Code licenseUnlicense
Asset licenseCreative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, High-contrast


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I enjoyed the puzzles, I definitely got lost a couple times but it was fun. Cool to see you made the game with your nine-year-old brother, I would've loved to do a project like this at that age.

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Happy to hear you got un-lost! :) What would you say were your favourite or most difficult parts?

I hope to do another project with my brother now that he's ten. It was a good experience for us, I would definitely recommend finding some project where you can work with someone much older or much younger than you.

i've been trying to beat this game for two days without any sort of walkthroughs, at last i have succeded!

i'm in love with the creativity this game offers, some puzzles seemed kinda difficult at first, but it may have been just my lack of wisdom lol

i've found Your game via freesound website whilst searching for sfx for my own project, nice work!

Y'all both have done a great job, 10/10, keep it up!


Awesome! I'll let my brother know you made it through! 🙃

There is a second game planned, called Go to Bed.

As you may find with my other games, I tend to make things kinda too difficult, haha. Which parts did you find most difficult?

definitely the "small dark thing that requires some kind of food" one


Oho! Yes, I suppose once one has gotten past you-know-what it is likely enough one would consider you-know-what to be a finished task, and so miss the item. But I suppose some other gamers would have an instinct of looting foes, and so would do fine, haha.

Unless you mean the note after the "small dark thing that requires some kind of food" leaves - the puzzle of that note really is the "final boss" of the game so to speak.


Just played through the game, and gotta say it was a super unique experience and well executed. I thought the note about the trash was a little too confusing but aside from that I really enjoyed playing this game! 


Yes, that clue is the "final boss" of the puzzle. Congratulations on solving it, and thank you for the feedback!

And sorry I didn't reply before, I only just now saw your comment!